Holiday Cheeseboard Wreath

Holiday Cheeseboard Wreath

December 06, 2022

Perfecting the art of the cheese board is all about the imperfectness of it. Take your cheese board up a notch by placing the various foods in an herb wreath—shaping herbs of your choice into a circle on the board.

The board can be as simple as your favorite cutting board or something fancier like a marble slab or a chalkboard, where you can write the names of each cheese underneath. As part of the herb wreath, you can include pomegranates, figs, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, honeycomb, and some baguette slices and crackers.

Assembling the perfect cheese board is all about how you want it to look—there are no rules! Just be sure to keep the strong-smelling cheeses separate from the rest of the spread and to put a different knife out for each kind.

Soft cheeses

· Brie

· Camembert

· Greek Feta

Aged cheeses

· Asiago

· Cheddar

· Provolone

· Comté

Firm cheeses

· Gouda

· Manchego

· Gruyére

· Cheshire

Blue cheeses

· Gorgonzola

· Stilton

· Roquefort

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