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Account View provides the ability to access account information 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Account view gives you access to the following:

  • View one or all of your LPL Financial accounts - You select which accounts to view. View the data for individual accounts. Or, view the data for all your LPL Financial accounts combined.
  • See account history for the last 90 days - All the account activity, the buys, sells, dividends, money market transactions - all is available for your review. You can sort data any way you wish and filter out transactions, if you choose to.
  • Archive of Current and Past Statements - Statements are available for trailing 24 months. Option to eliminate paper statements.
  • Comprehensive portfolio data - Detailed data about your holdings, including equity and mutual fund fundamentals. Sorted any way you like. A powerful tool and easy to use.
  • Export to a spreadsheet - A simple 1-2 step to export any available data to an Excel spreadsheet file. Then import the spreadsheet into any compatible application.
  • Easy sign up - No need for complex paperwork. It’s simple and easy. Just fill in your account information, your email and phone number and you are done. You create your own user name and password.
  • State of the art display - Enhanced graphic user interface.
  • Quotes and fundamental data - Key information at your fingertips!

Wealth Management Solution Account Aggregation Tool

What is Account Aggregation?
Account aggregation is a process that updates liabilities and investment account balances and holdings on a nightly basis. The updated account information is automatically uploaded into a client's financial plan and can be used to identify issues and service clients proactively through advisor alerts and system generated recommendations.

What is "comprehensive financial planning"?
Comprehensive financial planning is an approach to planning that takes a comprehensive view of a client's financial picture, including insurance, investments, banking, and trust and estate planning. With comprehensive financial planning, financial advisors aggregate assets onto one platform, from which they can plan and manage their client's wealth. The benefits of comprehensive wealth planning are that it allows the financial advisor to create more complete, comprehensive plans and, therefore, better serve the client.