Our Approach

Custom Strategies and Personalized Advice from a Holistic Perspective

With the competent help of your Westside Investment Management advisor, our Wealth Management System helps put you in control of your financial life and your goals.

We know you want more financial freedom, more free time, and more meaning from the years ahead—and we can help you work towards your goals. We try to simplify your financial life so you can devote more of your time to your business, personal endeavors and family. Imagine a single platform through which all your financial matters can be managed.

Our approach to wealth management is customized for your specific needs. Whether you are an individual investor in or nearing retirement, a business owner or corporate executive our Wealth Management System provides the objective advice and resources you need to pursue financial independence on your terms.

Wealth Management System

Our financial management system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of your full financial picture, no matter where your assets reside. Our Wealth Management System is a fully integrated web based technology developed for clients who seek greater control, understanding and visibility. It consolidates and integrates the various areas of your financial life, in real time, providing current net worth, investment performance, cash flow and other important information designed to help keep you on track toward your goals. You can download and print paper-based or electronic reports 24/7 at your convenience.

Our Wealth Management System provides:

  • Scenario planning – from single-goal or single-event analysis, such as retirement or an unexpected death or disability, to a comprehensive financial plan, our Wealth Management System provides a platform for analyzing options and a roadmap to helping you work towards your goals
  • Comprehensive, aggregated view of all of your assets (including those with outside advisors) in one place
  • Real time asset values for your financial plan across multiple accounts and advisors
  • Vaulting of critical papers such as your estate plan, insurance policies, buy-sell agreements, tax returns, passports and photos of valuable assets