Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who are your Clients?

    Our clients are busy people who want to simplify their lives. They recognize the value of their time-and of good advice. They prefer to spend their time enjoying life and focusing on their families and careers, rather than trying to sort through the increasingly difficult world of personal finance.

    Most of our clients are business owners, corporate executives, financially comfortable retirees and successful families who have accumulated significant assets. They are conservative-to-moderate risk takers, who are more concerned about preserving their assets and achieving their life goals than seeking higher risk investments.

    We are committed to helping our clients simplify their lives and work toward the achievement of their financial goals.

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  2. What is your Investment Philosophy?

    Our investment philosophy has evolved over many years of experience. It is based on helping to manage risk while working toward attaining a potential rate of return sufficient to meet client goals. Time, patience and a strict discipline are the cornerstones of our success. We provide access to individually managed portfolios tailored to help address our clients’ needs. We develop an investment plan which strives to meet each client’s long-term objectives, resources and risk tolerance.

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  3. Do you provide Retirement Planning services?

    Yes. We provide retirement planning services that can help work toward ensuring a long, happy and financially independent retirement. Prudent retirement planning can help protect decades of hard work and the careful accumulation of wealth from the inevitable impact of taxes and inflation.

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  4. Do you provide Estate Planning services?

    Yes. Unfortunately, without careful planning, many estates may be subject to extremely high levels of taxation. Beneficiaries might be forced to sell the family business, real estate or investments at an inopportune time-and at a steep discount in order to pay estate taxes. Other problems might include unintended beneficiaries or heirs who are challenged by an untimely or youthful inheritance. We work in close cooperation with our clients’ existing advisory team and/or a network of highly experienced professionals to help protect our clients’ legacies and assist them in addressing their estate planning objectives.

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  5. Do you handle all my insurance needs?

    Yes, We review and analyze all your insurance needs relating to Life Insurance, Long Term Care and Disability. We make sure you have the right type and amount for your needs and place those through the appropriate company. We provide general advice and direction on health, company benefits and property casualty. However, we do not personally sell health or property casualty insurance. We can provide referrals and information on how to set these services up.

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  6. Why use an Independent Financial Adviser?

    Westside Investment Management is a boutique investment management firm with highly skilled and experienced professionals. Unlike some large national brokerage or financial planning firms, we are not tied to specific investment products. That means you get to choose the options that make the most sense for your goals and objectives.

    As independent advisors, we work with many different investment companies and asset managers, so we can suggest the products that are right for you. Through Westside Investment Management you have access to thousands of investments. Rather than being tied to specific investments, our team strives to do what is best for you—creating a personalized investment strategy that helps pursue your goals, your time frames, and your tolerance for risk.

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  7. Will client information be kept confidential?

    We keep all client information strictly confidential. We will provide you with our written privacy policy statement annually, and anytime at your request, outlining our commitment to confidentiality.

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  8. How do you price your financial planning services and advice?

    Fees for Financial Planning are based on the actual time involved in meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, and providing specific recommendations and implementation assistance (if appropriate). Fee estimates are based on a rate of $200-$400 per hour. Fees for ongoing Portfolio Management are based on a percentage of assets under management.

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  9. Are your fees tax deductible?

    Typically Yes. The Internal Revenue Code permits an itemized deduction for tax and/or investment advice in the miscellaneous section of Schedule A. It is subject to a 2% floor of the adjusted gross income on a personal tax return. Please consult your tax adviser for further information.

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  10. What do I need to bring for the first meeting?

    We have a short questionnaire (2 pages) and checklist that we ask people to fill out before they meet with us the first time. This gives us a useful overview of your financial circumstances and what you are looking for so we can provide greater value in our initial meeting. In the questionnaire there is a list of important documents to bring with you as well.

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  11. Is there a cost for the first meeting?

    As a general rule, no. We use this first meeting to determine whether or not we can effectively be of service to you, as well as to allow you to evaluate our firm. In other words, it’s a time for us to get to know one another. As long as that is the main purpose, there is no charge for the meeting.

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  12. What is your ongoing service policy?

    We have regular communications with clients ongoing throughout the year. A comprehensive review and update of your financial plan typically takes place twice per year but no less often than annually. Clients know that they can call or email any time with questions, concerns or requests and receive immediate attention. In addition, we will be in contact via phone or e-mail throughout the year as different circumstances dictate.

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  13. Do you accept referrals?

    Yes. Most of our clients are referred to us by another one of our clients or by a trusted professional advisor. This is the greatest compliment we could ever receive. We are never too busy to speak with the friends and family referred to us by our clients and professional associates.

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  14. Do I need a certain amount of income and/or assets to work with you?

    We have no specific minimum income or asset size requirements. However, our approach works best for clients with sizeable investable assets. This includes investment accounts, pension plans, IRAs, living trust accounts, and other investment assets.

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  15. Why should I choose to work with Westside Investment Management?

    Never before have there been so many opportunities for achieving your financial objectives and so many obstacles to overcome. In today’s challenging economy our partners’ individual specialties and areas of focus, professional alliances, information resources, and detailed analysis, provide clients a distinct advantage.

    Resources, technology and experiences. All of our resources, technology and financial experience is focused on adding value to client relationships. We consider teamwork and synergy to be hallmarks of Westside Investment Management as we work to seamlessly integrate all aspects of your finances. Our team approach to financial consulting is designed to maximize the value experienced by each client. We seek to provide responsive service at all stages of the planning process and throughout our relationship with you.

    Professional staff. Our professional staff plays an integral role in ensuring your experience working with Westside Investment Management is exceptional on all levels. Our partners and staff members are committed to providing you with the highest level of professionalism as we help you pursue your financial objectives.

    Access to leading specialists. This commitment and the scope of the group’s practice has led Westside Investment Management to establish relationships with leading firms and accounting firms in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout the U.S. These relationships provide us with access to sophisticated and experienced professionals specializing in tax and estate planning.

    Community commitment. At Westside Investment Management we are dedicated to the communities where we live and work. We encourage partners and staff involvement in community and civic affairs, including the social, political and philanthropic causes most important to them. The firm believes that involvement in such activities enhances the effectiveness of its partners and helps to strengthen the entire community.

    If you would like to learn more Contact Us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. If you decide to take advantage of the complimentary consultation, please feel free to invite any or all of your other trusted advisors.

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